Rescued Food Box program

Our Rescued Food Box Program has been created with the intention of bringing greater food security to individuals that would otherwise have limited access to healthy and affordable food options. We strongly believe that a healthy wholesome diet should be accessible to anyone, no matter their income level or circumstance. The program provides weekly deliveries of delicious, fresh, and nutritious food to households experiencing food insecurity in and around Metro Vancouver. Due to the nature of food rescue, the content of our boxes varies from week-to-week but is always focused on healthy, wholesome, non-refined and non-processed foods, including; up to 10 varieties of fruits and vegetables, dairy products, and protein options like meat and/or eggs (members are able to specify any dietary restrictions). By delivering weekly boxes right to the doorsteps of our members, we are breaking down the financial and physical barriers to healthy eating. As part of the program, we aim to help individuals maximize their resources and create healthier eating habits by sharing tips, educational material and nutritional information. Anything that doesn’t make it into our food boxes is picked up and brought to animal sanctuaries for compost and feed - that’s right - nothing is left to go to waste!

What is Rescued Food?

Rescued food is surplus food that comes in many different shapes and sizes—ranging from ready to eat meals, grain products, meats, produce, and the list goes on! This food is rescued for various reasons, such as; it may not be selling quickly enough, lack of storage space, or simply not satisfying the food industry’s specific requirements on appearance or size.

What is a Best Before date?

Best before dates are not expiry dates nor are they indicators of food safety. Best before dates indicate the anticipated amount of time that an unopened food product, stored safely, will retain its freshness, flavour, texture, and nutritional content. Read More

Choosing to be a conscious consumer

For us it is truly important to put an emphasis on the socially responsible solution our program offers to our members. It is more than simply subscribing to a food delivery service—it means making a conscious, socially responsible decision to take action towards reducing food waste and the environmental impact it has on our planet.



  1. Do you live in the Vancouver area?

  2. Do you experience food insecurity?

    (i.e. financial and/or physical barrier(s) to accessing nutritious food)


If you answered ‘Yes’ to both questions, you likely qualify for our Rescued Food Box program.

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