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Bridging the food insecurity gap

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Our mission is twofold: to rescue surplus food from producers and suppliers that would otherwise be destined for the landfill, and to redirect it to local non-profits and food-insecure households and individuals throughout Vancouver. Read more.


“It’s such a shame to be throwing all this perfectly good food out when so many could benefit from it”

David schein  |  Founder


Our impact

Food Stash Foundation redirects over 15,000 pounds of fresh edible food every month.

"As a senior living on $800 per month, my weekly food stash box means that I no longer worry about having a balanced diet or better nutrition. I am a creative cook and have been able to incorporate the items in my Food Stash box with the food in my pantry. Each week I am grateful and overwhelmed by the amazing contents and quality of rescued food in my delivery. Thank you to all of you at Food Stash Foundation for continuing to make this happen" - Member, Rescued Food Box Program


 Did you know?


396 Kilograms of food…

is the average amount one Canadian wastes every year.

1-in-10 households in British Columbia…

experiences food insecurity.

Of the 35.5 million tons of food waste...

32% could be avoided and redirected to individuals in need.


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