Julia Hunter, RD

Executive director

Julia obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from Acadia University and later completed her certification as a registered dietitian. With previous experience working in a provincial health program for elementary schools in BC and community development for affordable housing in Vancouver, Julia’s passion for community health intersects with food security and sustainability. Seeing first hand those that struggle to make ends meet, and often times putting their food bill on the back burner, she is on a mission to make food accessible and affordable without compromise to our health or environment. Julia describes her approach as collaborative and creative; together we can work to bridge the gaps that exist, advocate, and support those in our community.


Harry Heighington

operations manager

Meet Harry soon!


Rawan Hassan

Program coordinator

Rawan had been volunteering with Food Stash for over a year before finally joining the staff team as the Rescued Food Box Program Coordinator! She is passionate about our mission of reducing food waste and being apart of a closed loop system while also providing families with an alternative food accessibility program. Whether within the scope of her work or in her personal life, Rawan continues to work on food related projects that bring into question the current food industry and our relationship with food—hopefully bringing more awareness through community outreach.


Katie Corrigan

Community Ambassador

Katie joined our team in May 2019 after a few months of volunteering with Food Stash! We are excited to have her on board as our main Food Rescue Driver, interacting with our partners and suppliers on a daily basis and helping out at community events! Katie is passionate about environmental sustainability and ways to mitigate human impact on the planet. She has always wanted to find a job where she can help in some way to prevent unnecessary waste and to work with like minded people that share the same values as her. She is excited to learn more about tackling the environmental and social issues that occur here in Vancouver, and to continue to meet all the lovely people that dedicate their lives to helping others and the environment.